Thursday, September 22, 2011


The trench coat by Jean Paul Gaultier

This spring, the trench coat by Jean Paul Gaultier is IN. It is a garment that cannot miss in your wardrobe if you want to dress with style and elegance, yet to be properly sheltered.
You can find the kind of coat you want. From Raincoats with high neck and made of authentic loom up coats and bags with multi-pocket lined interior.
Other styles that bring Gaultier trench design are the tiger. The cuffs are on a leash and have no backing. This is also made loom.
Undoubtedly the raincoats are a distinctive touch to any items you use. Whether wearing skirts or dresses for work or for a casual out with friends, the trench will be good forever. It is true that many associate it with the Inspector Gadget, perhaps it was this character that the trench began trading again, but keep in mind that now come in all styles and colors, ready to match your favorite outfit.
Jean Paul Gaultier offers other collections such as jackets, all types of coats, raincoats, jackets and satin coats and turtlenecks.
There are all price, low, medium and high, you just have to find those that best suit you and you like.
Using this type of clothing will give you a glamorous and sensual touch while a woman will make you look intellectual and intelligent thing that attracts more men than beauty.

PostHeaderIcon Fashion jackets for fall winter 2011

Fashion trends for next fall winter 2011 will bring a variety of styles in jackets. You know, the garment that not only protects you from the drop in temperatures is also one of the references to create style.
Nothing new, but reinvented, so this year we must pay special attention to articles of leather, sheepskin aviator jackets, military style, partly inherited from last season, the bomber’s skin and looks for halftime schoolgirl jackets buttoned and knotted at the waist.
If you want to be taking a look and discover some of the trendy jackets this season, we have prepared this photo gallery Cosmo with the very best of fashion collections that best suit you.

PostHeaderIcon Christmas Contest Win 3 Tahitian Pearls

Came directly from Apataki, Atoll designer Chayenne Tahiti located on the Tuamotu Archipelago, the 3 real gems proposed by the designer for our second Christmas competition, will present a luxurious and utterly charming!
To win this time then you will understand, a sublime trio of Tahitian pearls! Composed of beads of about 9mm, the pretty almost black color and equipped with green highlights and silver is a gift not to be missed …
Then feel free to have them mounted in jewelry in one of our workshops jeweler’s favorite creators!
This lot makes you dream? So fast, participate! Nothing could be easier: You asked a question to you to respond best to win these shimmering pearls!

PostHeaderIcon Easy Ways To Find Fashionable Maternity Clothes

Easy Ways To Find Fashionable Maternity Clothes – Fear of looking for fashionable maternity clothes? Swollen ankles, sensitive stomach and stretch the stomach only a few of the many joys of pregnancy. The effort is worth the results, but it is usually bumpy journey. One difficult task for many mothers-to-be is shopping for maternity clothes, which is usually much cooler than usual clothing.
For some reason, the traditional view has been that a woman is pregnant, she should be covered in a cartoon printed, replica baby-doll dresses or anything too conservative. Bows, lace, high collars and cute picture looks stacked as far as the eye can see. But, if you live in the real world, you might want some fashionable maternity clothes instead.
If you take the time to navigate the sea of lace candy cane and a shirt only a nun would wear, you will find that not all maternity clothes twenty years behind the times. Even the big name mega stores started adding a little style maternity clothes.
  • Basics
First, you need to know how to buy maternity clothes in general. Clearly, stomach clothing should be loose and allow room for growth. Every pair of pants or skirts must have a stretch panel to fit the soft elastic around the belly grows. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Trend Watch For Woman in Winter

Trend Watch For Woman in Winter – A very popular look for this watch autumn / winter 2010 is the bead. Diamante watchesare simply stunning and stand out in a crowd. You’ll be glad when you wear the watch the beads. The sparkling diamante watches and shine with beautiful sequins. Many women love how shiny and beautiful clock beads visible. This is ideal for watching a lot of women, as seen for the accessory metal enough “in” this autumn and winter seasons. Beads watches are ideal for both personal and professional look. This is a clock that would look ideal for a night out of town or stand as you wear it to the office. This is the perfect place to see women who love a touch of glamour in the accessories were visible.
Other thick watches are looking for autumn / winter 2010. We see a lot of bold style watches for women to wear for next season. This is certainly a time when watching you will realize, not just hiding in the background. You want to watch in a bright color like red, fuchsia or green forest. Turquoise is also the ideal color. Clock with watch face graphics are also seen – this is not a minimalist look this season. You can easily find a clock that compliment your personal style – whether you like classic, trendy, or something more romantic in style. But look remains bold and bright all the same.

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