Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Playing with Patterns.

I know its been a long time and i apologise for that. As the excitement of the summer holidays took over, both me and my mum have taken the odd couple trips out. The result of this was a slight wardrobe increase. A majority of the clothes i bought sported a pattern of some sort.

The Top is from topshop and the shorts are F&F.
I couldn't help but love the bold colours of the top. Also the shorts have the increasingly popular Mod look to them.

I've always been slightly wary of beading, this is probably due to the fact that im always worried that the beads will fall off and make the top look tatty, also a lot of things feel over the top and therefore feel like a waste of money since i dont often wear  them. 

However this crop top (jumper like thing?) has proven to be useful as the embroidery is not over powering and can be worn very casually.

I absolutely adore pinstripes! they go with practically anything in my opinion. Because the stripes are so thin and quite subtle you can clash them with other patterns.

It's well known that blazers are very common in todays world of fashion. A lot of people have been buying the casual material one. Because of this i decided to try something slightly different and have been scavenging shops for a linen jacket. i eventually found this, and it wasn't long before i was standing infront of my mirror at home experimenting with the different ways to wear it. 

Animal prints have always been around, i personally prefer more subtle ones such as this, 
as they are easier to wear. I've seen plenty of people pull of big bold fluffy cheetah patterned jackets, it's one of those things that when done right the person looks very glamorous and well... cool.  

once agin sorry i havent posted in so long. I have the contents for my next couple posts ready, so i'll be able to post again soon.

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